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Dear reader, this is a part incest, and loving wife story.


What was I going to do? I could see myself losing this battle if I wasn’t careful, a battle that had been building and going on for 3 months now.

He has no idea how close he was getting. I do manage to escape him. But if he knew how much my will was creaking at the seams. He would have me, I just know it.

The trouble is he is so good looking, virile, handsome in a mature way. Well over 6ft, 185lbs, and I’m sure there is more maturity there still yet. His hair is short wavy and chestnut. His body is to die for, tight and muscular all over, believe it or not.

He has girlfriends and women, who should know better drooling over him. And I know for certain some females have fought over him too. He is just one of those rare men, that no matter who he meets, just about all of them want to go further with him. One of his married female tutors at a night class he attends left in a cloud of confusion. And I heard he was to blame, because of some extra out of school activities, but I was never sure.

I am Justine Barker, I am 25 years old, I’ve been divorced two years, and have grown nicely accustomed to being my own boss, not having to ask, and consult anyone. If I make a mistake, which isn’t very often, then it’s my mistake. I don’t have to plead my case, the problem is mine, and mine alone.

I am good looking, 5ft 7″ tall, hair that rests on my shoulders, a slightly sloping forehead, and roman kind of nose, nice wide eyes, full lips, and I love my body. I don’t flaunt it; I am a bit shy that way, I am not the sort to do that. But when I see some of the women around who do, I know for a fact I would put them to shame if I did!

I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, and had sex with them, but I like to feel if I do, it’s because I want to be in charge of my destiny. The 2 men who I have had in my bed, wanted to see more of me, build a relationship, something I didn’t want to, not with them anyway.

My ex husband wants to take up with me again. But as far as I am concerned, he is history. He was the one who started shagging his boss’s wife. I found out, he thought I would just forgive him. And he actually even mentioned in a roundabout way, that he could continue. He was out of the house that weekend, and subsequently I divorced him.

Can you believe what he did? He cried foul, said I wasn’t being fair. I had a good laugh at that one. Jake our son still loves him of course, and still sees him regularly. I would never try and come between them, he isn’t a football, he is a person. But when his dad has mentioned to him, to help him get his feet under our table again, he has apologised, and said, ‘mummy says you were naughty daddy, were you?’ No answer to that is there?

Anyway back to my story, my problem is one that I don’t think will ever go away. (It didn’t) I’m almost sure of that. Sometimes I think it is a nice problem, it keeps me on my toes, It makes me realise that I look good, can look good, and make sure I do look good too!

I had been keeping him gently at bay, but finding it harder and harder to do so. A couple of nights ago I had dreamed about him. I dreamed that we were in bed, and he was fingering me. I wouldn’t let him make love to me. But he was driving me wild with his middle finger. My orgasm woke me up, I was fingering myself, but in my head it was him doing it. I juiced all over my hand!

I knew that I couldn’t get him to stop, It wasn’t that he was crude or lewd, no nasty innuendoes. No, it was a soft gentle insinuation into my mind. He would get me sooner or later, nothing was more certain. But I never expected him to get me the way he did.

My best friend Martha was the catalyst; I have known her for years from work. She is a single mum, never married her sons dad. She is as sexy as hell, gorgeous, and has, in her words, taken many prisoners. She always tells me, ‘I know my worth girl!’ And she led me unknowingly to my downfall, in a most spectacular way.

I had told her about Mathew, how I couldn’t always lay a finger of blame on him. I couldn’t really even challenge him, we both knew what he was after, and we both knew he was chasing me. I knew he could, even now, hold his hands up, and say in that, oh so innocent way.

‘Who? me?’

Martha had said to me. ‘Justine if he was after me, he would get me in a heartbeat, I wouldn’t even think to try and say no,’ she laughed. ‘He’s a man among men Justine, I don’t care who he is, he wants me? He can have me; you want to tell him that?’ She fell over laughing!’

‘Martha Linton, you are incorrigible, you’re nothing but a slut!’ I chortled, laughing with her.

‘So Martha,’ I said, to change the subject. ‘Tell me all about this yoga business you have taken up, what does it do for you?’ I asked.

‘Do for me? Do for me? Can’t you see the difference in me?’ she said, hurt showing through her smile.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘you seem to have lost a little weight? And you seem a bit more confident. And you have Betturkey turned into a sex hungry slut!’

‘No I haven’t, well not yet anyway,’ she said indignantly, ‘but if he came after me the way he is apparently going after you, I would be the slut of the town, and that’s a promise!’ she giggled.

‘Oh Martha, please don’t, I can feel myself giving way sometimes when he’s near me, but I shouldn’t, I mustn’t! I gaped.

‘No maybe not,’ she admitted.

‘Anyway, about this yoga, I can sit in my room, and meditate, simply by getting myself into a sort of Lotus position, but I have to be careful, it’s dodgy if you do it wrong.’ She told me.

‘What do you do?’ I asked.

‘Come with me and I’ll show you okay?’ And she led me to her bedroom.

‘Get undressed and put this on,’ she said, and threw me a leotard.

We undressed and put them on. And for the next hour I was put in all sorts of positions, I was aching all over by the time we had finished. But I felt like it could work, I was stretching muscles I had forgotten about!

For the next 3 or 4 weeks I practised, and I was honestly beginning to feel good. I went on line and found a site that showed other sitting, standing, and lying positions, I tried them all. But my favourite one was. Sat on the floor, intertwined my legs and arms, and leaning forward, I could stare at a spot on the carpet. And I would literally go ‘out of it’

One day I was in that way for ¾ of an hour, I was amazed when I came ‘to.’ But I was stiff too. I was really enjoying myself; it was like an inner freedom. And I knew I was looking better and better, I was feeling a glow. The only trouble was it was making me feel horny too, very horny.

My yoga, or my version of it, was improving all the time, I was winding myself up into contortionist’s tangles, it was great. Martha was flabbergasted when she saw some of the angles I was getting myself in. But it gave me a sensation, a satisfaction inside, that I was accomplishing something, all of my own.

Then what I had feared all this time, happened. He got me! And it was my own entire fault, I handed him my body on a plate. He didn’t even have to seduce me, convince me, cajole me, blackmail me, force me, nothing, He just took what he wanted, and nothing I could say or do could ever prevent it. My downfall was all totally down to me.

I remember dancing with him at my wedding, he was a phenomenon, all over and around me, I had never ever met a man with such movement on a dance floor, such agility. And I had only met him 2 weeks before it.

I knew then he was a dangerous man. He hooked up with my chief bridesmaid, who was separated, but still married. He moved to our area so I began to see more of him. He would call in at my home, under some always viable pretext. But perfectly legitimately, especially after I gave birth to my son Jake.

It wasn’t until I divorced my husband, that he became more amorous, shall I say? More attentive etc.

It put me on my guard, because he did attract me, there’s no doubt about that. I think that that was evident. But he knew how to press my buttons, without actually pressing them, confusing or what?

So back to the day, it all went down.

I was doing my yoga, and sat on the carpet in my sitting room. It was around 12:00 mid day. I was doing my staring thing, the room went dark around me, I was ‘going’. The next thing I knew I was rolling over, by the time I had gathered my senses, I was tipping onto my back.

‘Stupid bugger,’ I thought to myself, as I started untangling my arms from my legs, the only problem was, they didn’t, and they wouldn’t? I had pushed my tits out of the way with my elbows to get my arms where I wanted them. They were sticking out at the sides, but I couldn’t see them. But in fact, they were now stopping me from getting my arms out! I thought that it was because I was now on my back, my feet in the air, and my arms tucked inside my legs and feet.

I pushed one way, and then pulled another, I never got free. ‘What the fuck is going on?’ I said to myself. I tried to roll over, so I could get some purchase, I couldn’t. I tried to push myself upright, I didn’t. I tried rocking myself backwards and forwards to get me back to where I was I couldn’t. I started to panic a bit.

I tried and tried, and I better tried. Nothing, I was jammed tight. My legs were holding my arms tight, and my arms were holding my legs tight. And as hard as I tried to free myself, everything I did, exacerbated the problem.

I was sweating now, which didn’t help matters, because my skin was sticking to itself. I forced myself to relax, no good! I couldn’t relax long enough before my struggles started again.

I looked up at the clock; I had been in this situation for over 25 minutes. And I could not for the life of me release myself. I didn’t have to go to the day school for Jake until 3:30, at least another 3 hours or so. How was I going to remain like this all that time? The answer was, I wasn’t. Betturkey Giriş But as yet I didn’t know it!

I heard a knock at the rear door. ‘Martha?’ I hoped. Then I heard it open and close. A voice shouted out, ‘Hello?’ There is only one person who ever does that. Him!

I groaned with frustration, but a relief that I would be released. Hah! How wrong can someone be?

I was going to get release, but not the release I was thinking of.

‘Mathew, I’m in here?’ I called hopefully.

The door pushed open.

‘Justine, are you okay?’ He asked as he came toward me.

‘No, I’m not,’ I replied. ‘I have got myself stuck in this yoga position, and I can’t undo myself, please pull my arms out?’ I begged.

He was looking down at me, and he laughed, the bastard actually laughed!

‘Mathew, get me out of this, right now!’ I hollered at him angrily. Then I added nicely, ‘please?’

He knelt at the side of me, and seemed to ponder actions.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘I can see your problem.’

‘Good,’ I replied again.

‘Let me have a look,’ he questioned.

I suddenly felt fingers stroking my exposed inner and upper thighs. It was more of a tickle than anything else. But it was definitely a contact.

‘Mathew,’ I muttered. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Just feeling my way around, so I can find out what to do honey?’ he replied to me.

Honey? He likes to call me honey!

Then I definitely felt finger nails trailing my thighs.

‘Mathew!’ I shouted.

‘Yes?’ he asked quizzically.

‘Please don’t do that, stop, you shouldn’t.’

‘Don’t do what?’ he said as a finger walked across my nether regions.

‘Please Mathew, I’m stuck, please let me free?’

He moved then from my side, to the top of my head. His knees were either side of me. I saw his hands go over me, then finger nails lightly gripping my skin, either side of my vagina.

‘Mathew!’ I complained, ‘please, don’t do that, please pull my arms out?’

The nips tightened, and then slackened, he did this several times, each one was like a small electric shock! Then they slid around my inner and upper thighs, causing me to gasp. I knew what was going to happen very soon, and it did, a strong nail raked its way across my leotard covered pussy. I squealed.

‘Mathew,’ I yelped, ‘what the fuck do you think you are doing? Stop this right now and let me free!’ I demanded.

This was followed by a pathetic heart felt plea. ‘Oh please Mathew, please?’

He got up, and turned his head. ‘Mmmm,’ he murmured, ‘I know, ‘he said, ‘that should do nicely.’

He pulled the foot stool next to the sofa over to me.

Getting some cushions from the sofa, he placed them under my shoulders and my head. This had the effect of keeping me still. Although any movement I had was strictly limited!

Pulling the stool to behind me I saw him sit down, all I could see were his head, shoulders, arms and some of his lower torso.

‘Mathew, please Mathew, tell me what you are doing, please?’ I was beseeching him now. He had me, no where to turn, no escape, no defences, nothing!

I suddenly felt him stroking me, it sent shockwaves around me. I could feel my insides going squishy.

‘Oh God, oh please Mathew, oh Jesus please? I begged.

He laughed softly. ‘Justine, do you know you have a growing damp patch on your leotard?’ h asked.

Then rising from the stool, and speaking, he said, ‘that settles it then, that’s what I’ll do.’

Turning from me as he walked away, he said, brightly, ‘don’t go away Justine; I’ll be back in a second, okay?’

‘Go away? Go fucking away Mathew, what do you expect me to do?’ I yelled after him, as he disappeared from view.

He was back moments later, I saw him sit on the stool again. Then I felt him fiddling with me. I was getting hotter! Suddenly I felt something cold touch my inners, right next to my pussy.

‘Mathew?’ I quivered.

Then I heard a snip, and I swear I heard the leotard ping as it parted! He had cut through it, and my panties, and because of my position, they had pinged apart. Leaving me, although I couldn’t see, totally exposed to his view.

‘Mmmm,’ he whispered, ‘beautiful Justine, absolutely beautiful,’ I could tell he was sincere in his appraisal. Next came a soft, but deliberate stroke across my pussy lips. I could do nothing but sigh a loud sigh!

I felt a finger enter me, ‘Mathew,’ I bleated, ‘please?’

It pushed its way in and he wiggled it about, I was well wet, I knew that. I couldn’t resist it.

That’s when I closed my eyes to it, him, my situation, everything.

A finger tickled my clit, my pussy welcomed the intrusion. ‘Oh Mathew.’ I moaned.

‘Its okay Justine, just a little longer honey, I promise.’

I felt him move again, then my pussy split wide open, he had got his tongue into me, it was dipping and diving its way around it.

His mouth locked on and I received an almighty sucking. The alternating between sucking, licking and probing was more than I could stand or bear. If I had been able to I would have hit the ceiling for sure.

I felt a finger find its way into my wide open arse. ‘Oh Mathew, pleeeease, stop, oh my God! Ooooooh.’ His tongue, and finger was working their magic, which only they can, I was heating up like a 1000,000 kilowatt light! My insides were building up to an explosion that was scaring me. I knew the orgasm that was on its way would devastate me.

His tongue devastating me was followed by his nails gripping my nipples at me side. If I could have jumped with surprise, I would have left the floor, but I had no way of moving to it, or from it.

Because I was rolled more or less up in a ball, I orgasmed as hard as I ever have. It blasted through me, my body tried to resist it, but it couldn’t. So the intensity of it was all the more. I thought I was going to die in sheer ecstasy!

I slowly opened my eyes after a while, to see him standing above me naked. He had stripped while I was in cloud cuckoo land. He had a hard on of overwhelming proportions. His legs were either side of my hips, and he was propping himself up via the arms of the sofa.

Then slowly he lowered himself down to me, holding his prick straight down. The raging fiery purple head hit my pussy lips, or should I say, kissed them.

A push and he was in, he started pushing in, and out, but he couldn’t get it all in, because I was rolled up, but he got enough of it there to make me orgasm again. I begged for more. ‘Please Mathew, please do it, don’t stop, not now, please?’

He kept pumping away, until I now begged him to stop, my orgasms were ripping me apart.

He grunted, and I felt his sperm fill me to the top; it was wonderful to feel the heat of it, as it filled my tight held pussy.

Standing up slightly he flopped onto the stool again, a few moments later, he had recovered enough to smile down at me,

‘Justine,’ he said. ‘I love you honey, I really do.’ I glowed with pride, love, lust, and satisfaction that he wanted me so badly, he resorted to doing this to get me.

‘Mathew, please release me, I won’t fight you anymore, I promise.’

‘I know you won’t Justine, not now, but one more thing before I do!’ I feared the worst, but they turned out to be unfounded.

With that, he bent down, and placing his arms under me, he scooped me up, He was like a fork lift truck with his arms as the prong things, and he carried me up stairs. My dripping pussy was pressing into his muscled stomach.

As he laid me on my bed, he worked to get my arms out, suddenly they popped free, and my legs flopped onto the bed with them.

Mathew got straight onto me, and rammed his prick right up my sodden pussy. I could do nothing but let it happen. The blood started recirculating, and soon I had pins and needles. But I also had a needle up my pussy, a very thick fleshy, and nicely large needle, and it was sowing me up tight.

As my arms and legs came back to life, Mathew was on me, in me, and propped up on his elbows.

He smiled down at me, and said, ‘Justine, I have wanted this from the very first moment I saw you before your wedding.’

‘Yes I know you have Mathew, I’m not stupid!’

Then I slapped his face as hard as my still weak arms would allow. It surprised him I know. But his response completely overwhelmed and overpowered me. He raised his hips, and rammed his prick so hard into me, I lost my breath, I was winded. Gasping away under him, he did it again and again.

”’Lesson time Justine,’ he told me. And he continued fucking me like that until I recovered enough to join in. No one ever in my life, had given me a twatting like that. It was as unexpected as it was mind blowing and enthralling, I loved every second of my lesson. And I was left wishing for lots and lots more.

He came for a second time somewhere along the way, and I was more than sad to feel his wonderful prick shrinking in me. But I had had multiple orgasms for the first time ever; I had shot my own love juice out of me, along with his, for the first time. And I had been fucked stupidly out of my head, for the first time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a very active lover, I give (or try to) as good as I get, I love jumping my man, being on top, all the play fighting etc. Taking what I want, sometimes whether asked or not. Grabbing tight hold of his nuts, and jamming my mouth over his prick and keeping it there until he cums for me.

But on this occasion I was handicapped by the weakness of my arms and legs, but I must confess, that this had led to a wonderful session of fucking,

We fell asleep, and I was woken by the phone ringing. It was Martha wanting to know where I was. I was supposed to be picking up my son from school. Before I could utter another word of inept apology, she said she would bring him home with her. I was so grateful.

Dashing around, opening windows, changing the bed linen, had a quick shower, both of us. We were in the kitchen when they arrived.

‘Granddad,’ my son yelped loudly, and raced to him, jumped into his lap, and got a cuddle.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mention that Mathew is my father in law, the father of my ex husband.

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