Honey, I’m Home Ch. 05-06


Chapter 5

Preparing For Round Two

We were on our way to the mall and Sara started to explain that Britney wants us to dress up real nice tonight. She said her exact words were elegant on the outside and slutty underneath. I just said, “I really like this girl!” Then Sara said there is one other thing. She told me that she wants you in latex thong. “What!” I said in amazement. I then realized we must be in for an interesting evening.

Sara told me that she wanted to find a “little black dress” to wear for tonight but she wanted to start at the lingerie store. I was just following her as usual. I found it much easier to just go with the flow while we were shopping. We walked in and headed straight to the back of the store. She knew exactly where to find what she was looking for.

Sara picked up a latex thong that looked like it would fit me and held it up to my waste. “Prefect!”, then we moved over to the women’s section. She picked up some little latex shorts and a bra with some studs on it. Then a pair of those arm length latex gloves, all in black. We headed off to pay and then to the next stop.

We headed into this swanky dress shop and Sara saw exactly what she was looking for. She asked the person working there if she had her size. She helped her to the fitting room and Sara came out wearing the dress to show me. It looked so sexy. It was exactly what she was looking for a “little black dress.” She flashed me to show me she was not wearing underwear but did not notice the guy sitting on the other side waiting for his wife.

I grinned and pointed to him. She made a whoops pose and singled me to come closer. She pulled me into the dressing room and started making out with me. She begged me to lick her pussy. I pulled up her little black dress and lifted her onto the stool that was in the dressing room.

She held on to the stool as I attacked her lusciously shaved cunt. I love shaved pussy and licked and fingered her until she came leaving a puddle on the stool. She caught her breath and pushed me out of the dressing room and told me to get out of here before security comes.

As I was leaning on the wall gathering my thoughts I saw the same guy that caught Sara’s flash come down off the stool in the dressing room next to hers. I realized that she came so quickly because she saw the guy watching us. The guy came out and walked right past me and quickly left.

I was standing there trying to lose my boner before I walked back out into the public. I decide to head right to the chairs so I could sit down and relax. As I sat down I could see myself in the mirror. My chin still had pussy juice on it and I saw the attendant to the fitting room come back and just gave me a weird look. I whipped my chin as Sara came out.

She had a big grin on her face and grabbed me and said we need to get out of here. We paid for her little black dress and disappeared into the crowded mall. I told Sara she owed me big time after what we just did. She just slapped my ass and told me to shut it.

We decided to grab a bite before we headed home. It was close enough to dinner time and we did not get to eat out much. We had a good meal and were really enjoying each other. We kept saying how lucky we were to have a new friend like Britney. We headed home.

We arrived back home and it was close to 8 O’clock. Sara really wanted to look her best tonight so she jumped in the shower to wash her long curly hair. When we first met she kept it at shoulder length. Now it is down to the middle of her back and it looked so much better.

I was sitting in the bed room trying to figure out how the black thong was supposed to go on me when Sara came in with just a towel wrapped around her. She has a vanity that she uses to put on her makeup and do her hair. She sat down and started drying her hair.

I love to watch her get ready for an evening out. I just propped myself on the bed and started watching her. As she was drying her hair her towel fell off her boobs. She did nothing to correct this. She could see me looking at her in the mirror and knew I was enjoying the show.

She stood up when she was done and wiggled her ass at me to tease me. I gave it a smack and she said “knock it off or you will pay.” She started fishing through the bags and pulled out the latex shorts. Held them up and walked back to vanity to remove the tags. She then slipped on a silk thong and then the shorts. They made her ass look amazing. Her butt cheeks peeked out the bottom. SO HOT!

She told me that I better stop staring at her and get ready. I jumped up and removed my cloths to put on the thong. It was not the most comfortable thing but Sara said it looked sexy.

I looked over at her and she had the latex bra on and the same boots she wore last night. I had to slap myself to bring myself back so I could put on my tux. I actually bought one because I went to a lot of charity events for work.

Sara slipped her little black dress on and we both stood next to each other and looked görükle escort in the mirror. We looked pretty damn good. I lifted my wrist to check the time and realized I was not wearing my watch. Sara held her wrist up and said 9:15. I asked, are you wearing that again. She just nodded and smiled.

We started walking down stairs and heard the doorbell. I went to the door and it was the driver for our car that Britney sent. He was dressed very well and even wore a hat. After he confirmed he was at the right house and Sara put a few things in her tiny purse we headed to the car.

It was a very nice limo. He held the door as I helped Sara in and climbed in after. It was pretty big; I counted out room for about 8 people. It even had a bar but we decided we better wait. Don’t want to be too drunk tonight. We pulled up to the club and the driver handed us some laminated VIP passes. He said that we should show those at the door and they would get us into party.

Chapter 6

The Fun Begins

We headed into the club, looking around to check out the crowd. The crowd was small but it was not even 10 o’clock yet. Sara knew exactly were to go, straight to the VIP room. There were two bouncers at the door but we just held up the passes and they let us right in. We noticed Britney right away.

She walked right up to us and gave us both a hug. It was a little cold considering what we just did the night before. She explained to us that we need to be discrete about what went on between us. She said this is a fund raiser party they hold every year to raise money for cancer research. She told us that we need to meet her husband and asked us to follow her.

We stopped short of a group of guys standing in a circle. Britney waved to the group and motioned one of them over. To both Sara’s and my surprise the guy that started walking over was at least 6 foot tall and looked like he was in pretty good shape. I heard Sara say “oh my!”, as he walked over. Britney introduced Glen to us and he thanked us for coming and told us to enjoy the party. He was soon whisked away by more people arriving to the party.

Sara looked straight at Britney and said he is not at all what she expected. He has money and good looks. Britney giggled and said “true, but you have not seen all of him.” They both laughed as it took a minute for that to sink in for me. I think she was implying he has a small cock. I was not real sure though.

Britney told us it was an open bar and to ask for anything we wanted. She said to mingle with the crowd, there are a lot of wealthy people her and it can’t hurt to make new friends. We started walking to the bar when a waitress walked by with a tray of champion. We each grabbed one and thanked her and started scoping out the crowd.

We looked around and it was easy to tell these people had money. Thanks to Sara’s shopping skills we did too. Everyone was very well dressed and appeared to be enjoying themselves. Most of the crowd was older but there were some younger people mixed in. One other couple saw us scoping and walked over to introduce themselves.

They seemed very nice but also kind of arrogant. He was an attorney and she was a stay at home mom for their 2 year old boy. I just told them I was in software engineering and Sara did not say much at all.

I could tell she felt the same way about them. As I was trying to think of something else to keep the conversation going. Britney came to the rescue and told them she had to steel us for a few minutes. She told us to follow her and I could see we gained new respect from the couple after they knew we were friends with her.

We followed Brittney down a hallway past the restrooms and through a door that had an electronic lock on it. She waved her pass over it and held the door open. It was a very nice office with enough room to have a lounge area. She asked us to sit down and said she needed to talk with us about something.

She first thanked us for keeping our little secret and explained that her husband would not have approved with the way she went about doing it. She told us that her husband bought her this club and that she was the person who ran it. She also explained that there was more to it than meets the eye.

She popped up and grabbed a folder off her desk. She said what she was about to show us could never be told to anyone and that she needed our signatures on these papers. She handed us each a single page. I took it with a confused look on my face.

She explained that she knew she could trust us but her husband always insisted on formalities. I read through the paper and basically it was a type of waver with the acceptation of the last paragraph. That gave her and her company the right to sue us if anything about her organization ended up causing them any monetary losses.

She handed us pens and we both signed the paper. Sara and I were good at keeping secrets because the ones we had would probably hurt us as much as the other parties involved. Britney grabbed görükle escort bayan the papers and thanks us and then asked us to follow her.

We went out the way we came in and around a corner to a simple door. She opened it and we went down a flight of stairs and walked quickly around a bunch of supplies and to a very large door. She swiped her pass again and the door clicked open. Inside there was a very large guy who picked up a radio and said something in it. Another very large door opened from the inside.

To our surprise, we walked into another large room. It appeared to be another club hidden in the buildings underground basement. I asked if we were under ground and Britney said it kind of appears that way be we actually right at ground level now. I was shocked as I took in the sights of this hidden club.

It was clearly a BDSM club. The few people that were there were all dressed in Latex and some of them had on collars and a leash. Britney turned to us and asked, “So, what do you think?”

We were just spinning and trying to take it all in. We said in unison, “awesome!”

Britney said, “come on, I’ll show you around.”

We walked passed a Bar the looked very old. It was large and made of wood and looked like it might be an antic. The bartenders were what really caught my attention. They were 2 hot women wearing latex bras that their nipples jutted out of.

Around the whole large room there were different implements common to BDSM. They had crosses and tables and a few beds with latex sheets on them. Britney told us that some of her clients like to be publicly humiliated and that this was one of the places they did that.

Sara and I looked at each other and I could tell she was thinking of all the possibilities.

Britney was explaining what all the doors on this side of the room were. They were all set up with the same equipment but were more private. As she was speaking one of the bar tenders walked up and whispered into her ear. She smiled and shook her head up and down.

Britney came in close to us and asked if we wanted to see her in action. We could not say yes quickly enough. She started walking to one of the doors in the back. She said we have to be quiet because this person would want to approve of us watching first but as long as we were quiet they would never know.

She walked us into a room that had what must have been, I one way mirror in it. She walked out and held her finger up shushing us.

Soon we saw her walk into the room with a leash and a guy in tow wearing nothing but a collar around his neck.

“That’s her husband!” Sara blurted out.

I shushed her. She reacted with a meek facial expression.

Britney attached him to the cross first. She was calling him a sissy and a wimp as she flicked his cock. He was soon erect and to our shock it was probably just an average cock of about 5 inches.

Britney’s long gown hit the floor. Underneath she was dressed all in latex. Long pants what were crotch less and bra just like the bartenders wore. She had such beautiful tits. They were just the right size for my hands and mouth. Her nipples were just the right size and already erect.

She walked over to a table and grabbed some gloves and put them on. They were arm length just like the ones Sara purchased earlier. Sara suddenly looked around like she was looking for something. She reached into her purse and pulled hers out and put them on.

I was really getting into the show when suddenly Britney disappeared. The door to our observation room opened. Britney look at Sara. “Nice gloves.”

“Get out of that dress and follow me!”

She looked at me and said “Let me see what is under that monkey suit?”

I stripped and circled to show her. “Nice! You stay here and enjoy the show”.

They appeared back through the window and I could see she was introducing Sara to Glen again. He was nodding his heard yes. As I was watching I noticed a speaker next to the window. I took a closer look and found the volume. Now I could hear everything.

Britney was taking off the cuffs from the cross and explaining to Sara what he wanted. She needed Sara to dress him up pretty so that he would be ready to be treated like the little slut that he is.

Sara was going through a closet and found some nice lacy lingerie that was white. Britney walked him over to a vanity and disappeared out of the room. I was watching the show and stroking my cock when Britney came in.

“OH SORRY!” I tried to tuck my boner under the latex.

“LEAVE IT!” She parked herself in the seat next to me.

She smiled and started to stroke my cock for me. “I just wanted to see how Sara handles this without me there.”

I reached over to touch her boobs but she slapped my hand away. “NO TOUCH, JUST WATCH!”

We both sat there as Sara was telling him to try the outfit on. He came out from behind one of those screens all dressed in his lace. “You look so cute!” She walked him over escort görükle to the vanity.

She chose a long dark wig, one of several sitting there. She turned him in the stool to face her. Britney and I could clearly see the teepee in his silk panties as Sara worked on his makeup.

Britney said “very impressive!” as she left me alone with my boner.

She walked back into view in the window. Glen heard her bark “LET ME SEE HOW SHE DID?” He fell to his knees. Sara jumped back and stood there watching Britney approach.


Britney walked around him like a shark circling it’s pray. She walked up to Sara and told her what a good job she did and gave her a deep passionate kiss. I started stroking faster.

Britney re-attached the leash and walked Glen over to a table and told him to jump up as if he was a puppy. He eagerly jumped and was on all fours and Britney clipped his leash onto a hook. She walked over to the wall and took a paddle down from the wall and handed it to Sara.

Sara looked puzzled but Britney just gave her a stern look. She walked over to the back side of the sissy. Britney walked over to the front and told Sara when she raised her hand to whack his ass with the paddle. “Give it a try.”

Whack. “Harder!” Whack! “HARDER!” WHACK! That’s it.

Britney bent over and shoved her ass in his face. “Lick it bitch!” He complied but Britney raised her hand.

WHACK! Glen moaned into her ass as he stuck his tongue in deeper. Britney told her sissy bitch that it felt pretty good but to try harder.


This went on and on until Britney flipped him over and wanted her pussy licked. I could tell Sara was really getting into it but probably wished her pussy was getting some attention too.

Britney told her wimpy little pet to hold his legs up so Sara could whack his ass when she commanded. Surprisingly, Sara asked if it would be better to whack his bare ass and asked to remove his panties. Britney exclaimed that is a great idea.

Sara reached down to remove his silky white panties as he adjusted to allow it I could see Sara looking at his cock. I am sure all the control and power Britney possessed was getting her hot and bothered. Britney must have noticed this as well and said Sara could have a quick lick if she wanted. It sounded as if Glen was trying to protest but Britney just put her weight down on his face.

Sara licked off some pre-cum and then whacked him with the paddle. Britney laughed an evil laugh and told her sissy bitch to be quiet. She raised her hand and Sara paddle him again.

My cock exploded as cum sprayed all over me. I just thought to myself how I was going to clean this up.

I started using it as lube and it did not take long for it to get hard again.

The show was just too exciting and I could not take my eyes off my sweat little wife starting to take be more and more dominate. Knowing her, she was excited to know that I was on the other side of the mirror watching her. Britney moved down to his little sissy cock, as she called it, and started riding it as she pointed over to a box and told Sara to get something out of it.

Sara walked over and opened up a large box. She reached in and pulled out a huge strap on. This really got me going and I had to really control myself. I did not want to cum again because I was hoping to be invited into the fun.

Britney told Sara to put it on. She did and when she was ready Britney told her pet that she was sick of his tiny little cock and wanted something she could actually feel. I was thinking mine is bigger than his. She placed her pussy over his face and motioned Sara behind her.

Sara knew exactly what to do and placed the huge dildo at Britney’s warm wet hole and started fucking her slowly. Britney was just moaning and yelling at her sissy bitch that it felt so much better than his tiny prick. She started slapping it back and forth. He was really enjoying it.

Britney was telling Sara to fuck her harder and faster. I could see the dildo darting in and out. As it did it dripped her delicious pussy juice all over Glen’s face. Britney soon yelled in ecstasy as she sprayed all over Glen.

She told Sara to go fuck his ass like you just fucked me. Glen started to say something like it’s to big but Britney slapped his cock and told him to shut it.

Sara walked back to the large box she got the strap on from and returned with a large bottle of lube. She poured it on the dildo and Britney grabbed Glen’s legs and held them up. She told Sara to just slam it in his has hard.

She did and tightened every muscle in his body and yelled out. As Sara worked it in and out Britney grabbed his puny little cock and stroked it. I could see Sara was really getting into it as she fucked him.

He soon shot his load as Sara plunged him with the huge black dildo. When he came Britney got off and went over to Sara. She helped her get the strap on off as Glen just laid there recovering. Soon he was up standing again got to his knees. He asked Britney if he could go get cleaned up.

Britney said “Get out of my sight bitch!” He quickly took off his lacey cloths and wig and walked over to Britney with his head bowed. Britney removed his collar and he ran out of the room.

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