Hot Summer Nights


Christ it was hot.

The August sun beat down on my body as I worked in the hills around the ranch. The sweat was pouring out of my pores like water through a sieve. I took my Stetson off my head so that I could wipe the salty drops of water off my forehead, and out of my hair and eyes.

Standing back, I surveyed my handiwork along the edge of the field while I sat on the back of the pick-up drinking a beer I had brought with me. It was blazing hot, but with satisfaction I observed that I had finished mending this line of fencing for the last few miles and that my work in this field was now finally finished.

My muscles ached from the strain of a good day’s work, and I leaned back and thought how much I just wanted a long, hard fuck.

So I took another swig from my bottle and dreamed.

I thought considering the events of the past few weeks that this was going to be a great summer. But there hadn’t been as much fucking this month as I would have liked. In point of fact I hadn’t even gotten laid in the last two weeks and I was so damn horny a stiff breeze gave me a boner like granite.

And I knew the cause of my problems too.

His name was Michael John O’Donnell, but better known to his friends and acquaintances as Jack. That was the prick Laurie was now screwing. Although, since he was her fiancé, I guess I couldn’t begrudge him some of her tail, now could I?

But he was still keeping her from my bed and that was unacceptable.

And Jack was an ass, no doubt about it.

He was the son of one of the Old Man’s business partners. It was hoped their wedding would cement the family fortunes. How fucking medieval. The happy day had been set for late September that same year in order to take advantage of the warm days of Indian Summer.

Man, I can tell you I didn’t like his greasy look from the moment I first caught sight of him on his arrival. Laurie had seemed excited enough to see him though, which figured considering he had enough looks and money to make her happy. He’d definitely make a better match than me or Greg or Steve in the money department. Not that we wanted to get married or anything. We were just going off to college. Which I suppose was the whole point.

She wasn’t fucking us anymore, even if we were better in bed. Maybe we weren’t though. My ego found the idea hard to believe.

Jack’s visit had left us in a predicament. You see we had pretty much gotten used to oiling our dicks in Laurie’s pussy whenever we had taken a shine to it. And that sure beat going into town on a Friday or Saturday night to see if we could get lucky. Man, of all of us, Greg was taking it especially hard. It was hard to tell him that Laurie was more interested in Jack’s clean crisp cash than in going steady with some sweaty ranch hand. And, as the first of us to bone her, I think he may actually have had a genuine crush on the bitch. The best Steve and I could do for him was get him drunk and laid as often as possible. It’s just that the prospects for the latter hadn’t been all that good lately.

In a few weeks we’d all be leaving for school anyway. I just hoped that I could hold out until then.

This was all on my mind as I pulled the cotton tank-top undershirt back over my bare muscled torso. I’m a pretty big boy in many ways. I stand at six foot, three inches in my bare feet. I lettered in varsity football, wrestling and baseball in high school. I’d been working out pretty hard and steady since I was thirteen years old. My frame was densely packed with over two hundred twenty ripped pounds of pure bred, all American muscle. By the summer I’d turned eighteen and fucked Laurie for the first time, I’d already had sex with over seventy women. It helped that I was packing an amazing dick in my pants, almost ten inches long and very thick. But for all my obvious looks, charm and other attributes that I had going for me, it hadn’t helped me one bit since Jack arrived.

I sighed and stowed the rest of the gear in the back of the pick-up and drove off to the main house.

Part of what had brought escort bayan Jack in from the big city was business and part was the yearly rodeo. The rodeo was happening in the next few days and it was the highlight of the social calendar around these parts. People came from all over the state for the parties and to see the events. No doubt Jack also wanted to suck up to his future father-in-law too considering how close the wedding was. There was no reason to believe whatsoever that he had come just to visit Laurie. He had the look of a man who was used to getting his way and I’m sure his bed was seldom empty, even if he had to pay someone to fill it.

Besides the Old Man was a Praise Jesus, God fearing, Christian man and Heaven help you if he thought anything untoward was going on because he’d come down on you like the Wrath of the Lord God Almighty Himself, Amen. It was a wonder that we hadn’t gotten caught this summer with all our sexual escapades. But I tell you something, I couldn’t so much as cop a feel from one of the maids in the big house, let alone get any nookie, they were that scared of him.

The ranch had been pretty deserted these last few days as people were off, running errands in town, and getting ready for the next few day’s events. The Old Man always let his hands enter the events, and it was an opportunity to show off his prize stock.

I pulled into the drive near the barn and unloaded my gear, walking up to the big house. Steve and Greg were in town with the Old Man as he made some last minute purchases, helping his wife carry all the stuff she’d need for the big barbeque she always held after the last event of the rodeo. They invited damn near a thousand or more people, so Steve and Greg had their work cut out for them hauling bulk bags of ribs and other groceries.

I needed to return the car keys to the Old Man’s office in the house. Since only a few of the other hands were down in the barn, I figured the house would be empty with the maids in town. No doors on the big house were ever locked up because someone was always around, coming or going.

I went in the back door, through the kitchen, and into the office to set the keys on their hook. If the boys and I were going out tonight I’d better take a shower before everyone came back and I needed to fight for one of the shower stalls.

As I was walking towards the back door to leave, I heard something that gave me pause. It sounded like giggling.

“Awww, baby,” said a muffled, whiny, male voice, “Let me have just have a little.”

“I can’t,” pleaded his female accomplice, “If daddy finds us, he’ll cut your pecker off.”

The female voice belonged to Laurie, no doubt about it. I had heard it often enough in the dark, under the covers, and in the light of day.

I moved slowly back towards the sounds of their voices.

There was more muffled conversation I couldn’t make out and more laughter.

“Come on, Laurie, I’ll risk it,” he told her.

It was definitely Jack talking. So the sly devil was getting some under the Old Man’s nose. And in the Old Man’s house! He had some balls, I’ll give him that much. I always figured he wasn’t the type who sampled his bride for the first time after the vows had been taken.

“Oh, all right,” said Laurie playfully.

There was some fumbling, the sounds of a zipper, clothing hitting the hardwood floor.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, girl,” I heard him say playfully.

I still didn’t dare to go any further in case I made a noise, but from the sound of the action, she might have been going down on him. He kept groaning in pleasure.

“That’s right, baby,” he told her, “Suck it harder.”

Well that answered that question.


It had been too long for me, and I wanted to see the action.

I moved closer to the sound of the voices. Looking into the parlor, I finally saw them. Or at least I saw their reflection in the full-length mirror that was in its stand against the far wall. Laurie was sucking him good style. Neither of them was bursa vip escort aware of my presence. If I took five more steps I would be standing right in front of them. As it was I was hidden from their view, unless they looked at my reflection in the mirror.

Jack was on the couch with his pants down around his ankles, and his shirt unbuttoned, his powerful chest covered with a dark patch of hair. Laurie was nearly naked on her knees on the floor, working his dick in her mouth. Jack may have had a dick that would make a porn star proud, but it was obvious that his tall rod was just not in my Olympian league. Laurie’s dress was on the floor beside the couch. All she had on were a pair of frilly little panties. My dick twitched as I watched them, thinking of how many times she had gone down on me like that.

Then I realized for the first time that Jack was aware of my presence. He could see me looking at them through the mirror, but with her back to the glassy surface mirror Laurie couldn’t.

Our eyes meet, but he made no move to otherwise acknowledge my presence.

Then Jack used his arms to pull her up to him.

“I want to be inside you baby,” he said urgently.

“Jack, no,” she pleaded, “We can’t.”

“It’s not like we haven’t done it before,” he said, “Haven’t you missed it?”

“Of course I have,” she sighed, although I knew the truth. She hadn’t been missing anything. “But what if someone comes home?”

“We’ll be through by then,” he said firmly, “I just want a quickie.”

He had no respect for me, I knew that. He saw me only as a ranch hand. Nor would it have mattered to him if he had known that in a few weeks I was going off to a better college than he had gone to. What mattered was that he could do this and he had seen the desire written in my eyes as I had watched her mouth work around his shaft, her perfect round ass bobbing up and down in the mirror.

“Come on,” he said, demanding.

She seemed resigned to the act. Slowly she moved up to straddle him on the couch, grinding her panties against his dick. How could she stand it knowing he was no where near my thickness or length?

But stand it she must. Hell, no doubt she was enjoying it. He was at least as big, if not bigger, than Greg or Steve.

His fingers moved to probe her pussy, moving her panties aside, so that his fingers could explore her slit. In spite of herself she let out a moan of pleasure as he hit the spot that would make her juices begin to flow.

I felt the bulge in my crotch grow thicker and iron hard.

He teased her for what seemed like forever. Then he positioned her to accept his steely rod, making sure that I was paying full attention to what he was doing. His dick slipped past her pussy lips as she slowly sank down onto him.

Jack was caught up in her pussy, but something must have gotten his attention, because he paused just for a moment. Misunderstanding his pause, she began to move up and down on him. He put his hands on her hips, so that he could begin his thrusts up into her again.

I moved my hand to stroke my cock through my pants.

“Oh, God,” he moaned, thrusting his meat into her.

“That’s it Jack,” she called out, although I thought not as enthusiastically as when she was with me, in fact I considered maybe even a little mechanically, “Fuck me with your hard dick.”

Her pussy contracted around his prick, her lips clinging to the side of his shaft, which was slick with the moisture from her pussy. Her panties were still pulled to the side to so that his dick could fill her hole.

“Jesus,” he moaned.

He fixed his gaze on me, denying me the pleasure he was experiencing. His mouth was a smirk, not a smile. The eyes though, they held contempt, not pleasure. Everything about him said to me, ‘Wish you were here, don’t you?’ And at that moment I couldn’t deny it, I did.

He must have been overly excited with an audience present or maybe he was just quick that way if you know what I mean. The thrusts of his prick bursa elit escort became more urgent, until he was slamming into her cunt. It was obvious that he was going to cum. Then the final thrust, hips straining to push into her, as his balls let loose inside her cunt.

I turned on my heel and left just as quickly as he had cum.

I rushed back to my room, grabbed a towel, and headed for the shower.

As soon as I was inside the stall, my boner strained forcefully out in front of me. I needed to relieve the pressure. My hand curled around my shaft, and I stroked the length of my long, thick cock under the hot water, wishing that it was Laurie’s hot cunt instead of my tight fist. I was so excited it didn’t take more than a few minutes before I shot my semen out the tip of my dick, firing across the shower.

When I was finished, I resignedly wrapped a towel around myself and headed back to my room.

That’s where I found Jack waiting for me.

“Marc, right?” he asked, in his languid voice, not really meant as a question.

“Yeah,” I said matter-of-factly.

He got up from off the edge of the bed where he had been sitting.

“Did you like that show back there, Marc?” he asked, really emphasizing my name, “Did you get off watching me fuck my future wife?”

I took a step into the room, crossing my arms menacingly.

“What exactly is it you want, man?” I asked him, flexing my eighteen inch guns as intimidatingly as possible.

Jack was not impressed, and I was not surprised. We were pretty well matched. At about the same height, each of us had the ripped and shredded bodies of young hard amateur bodybuilders. His own biceps stretched the sleeves of his polo shirt and I thought he might even have a couple pounds on me, although being four years younger than him I was just as large.

“Listen here pussy-boy,” he said, standing up menacingly, and getting in my face, “I know something’s going on. I saw the way you looked at her, man.”

This antagonistic, territorial behavior was really starting to piss me off. He’d do better to leave well enough alone.

“Hmmm,” I said, rolling it around in my mouth, “So, you think something’s going on? What would a pencil dick like you know about it?”

His face flashed in anger. I bet no one had even had the balls to call him that, but compared to me he was.

“Maybe there is,” I further egged him on, pressing my advantage, “You do know don’t you that she’s a slut man. Did you like the feel of her pussy? Didn’t you notice the way it was all stretched out from the last time I fucked her? The last real man to fuck her.”

I grabbed my package right then through the fabric of the towel.

Jack was pissed.

The scrappy bastard got right in my face then. His chest against mine.

“You’ve never fucked her!” he said, his words blazing.

I was an all state wrestling champ. I figured I could probably wipe the floor with him, given time, but any scrape with the Old Man’s future son in law would of course have meant losing my job, even if the satisfaction of laying him out stone cold flat on his ass would have been worth it.

Thankfully, Steve and Greg chose that moment to walk through the door before my temper got the better of me.

It also gave Jack an opportunity to reconsider getting into anything right there and then.

“You are nothing!” he said emphatically, looking me up and down contemptuously, “Fuck the cows if you want, but stay the hell away from Laurie! You are just a cow-hand and,” he added, stressing each syllable, “You’ll never be man enough to make her happy!”

With that Jack stormed past Steve and Greg and headed off back up to the house.

“What the hell was all that about?” asked Steve, as Greg looked at me expectantly.

“C’mon,” I said, “Let’s get a beer, and I’ll tell you about it.”

* * *

Copyright © 2001, 2009 by Eagle1. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed in this story are meant to be over the legal age to consent to sexual activity. Any similarity to characters or situations, real or imagined, is purely coincidental. Unless you happened to be there of course. May be reprinted without permission of author in materials distributed free of charge or on websites where there is no fee charged for access, provided this copyright notice is attached.

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