Jen and Mike Ch. 16


This story is a homage to another current author Xleglover who has developed these 2 characters in another category. For the full history of Mike and Jen please go to the loving wives category and read He fucked my girl, All in my head, Making it work and Consequences. All of his stories are excellent but those four in that order tie into the first part of this story somewhat. I have taken the characters in a slight different direction into an alternate universe that it is now 18 years in the future and the have a daughter who will through circumstances discover all about her parents past. He was kind enough to give me permission for the use of his characters as long as I let Everyone know this is an alternate reality to the one his stories take place in.


It was Sunday morning and Jenny was the first to wake up. She looked over the naked sleeping form of her daughter and watched their guest. Last night had evolved into something that even in her wildest dreams or fantasies she couldn’t have imagined. Actually all of the day and night before had been one non-stop orgy of mind blowing sex.

After starting the day waking up next to her insatiable daughter they had shared a number of orgasms before leaving the room. Then the trip to the Museum of Sex and meeting Carol and Brad. The foursome in the Museum’s privacy cubicles was worthy of a porno film. Then they had a brief moment of normalcy, having dinner together and seeing Wicked. That however didn’t last long, because after the show they went to meet with Stacie Romano, the current guest in their bed. She just happened to be the mother of Jesse’s best friend Cheryl.

Her beloved daughter it seemed sucked it all up like a sexual sponge too. She was eager and willing to do almost anything at any time. For the first time she wondered if she had to worry about Jesse losing control of herself. She knew that as long as she was around her there would be some semblance of sanity even if some of the experiences they had said otherwise. She wondered why it seemed so easy for Jesse to give herself entirely over to the inner slut within herself. She didn’t really have to wonder very hard though. If she could see inside Jesse’s head she would know the reason was her.

If she could see inside Jesse’s head she would see that yes she felt nervous at all the new things she was experiencing. She would see a girl that was eager to try all of it mainly because she had the safety net of her mother by her side. Yes she loved everything that had been done to her body because the orgasms she was having were amazing. But if her mom hadn’t been there through all of this she would probably still be the virgin who loved to give head today.

Jesse saw how comfortable her mom was in her sexuality and her ability to express it and suddenly the word slut was no longer a derogatory term. It actually became in a twisted way something to tease each other with. Yes Jesse was comfortable being a slut because she saw that her mother was also comfortable being one.

Jenny thinking back on the events of the past week felt like a dam had exploded within herself. It felt like every sexual desire she experienced in the eighteen years since she stopped playing the game had come flooding back. It wasn’t as if she gradually brought Mike and her back into the game, she took his hand and jumped them in the deep water. They were swimming with the sharks emotionally and on some level she knew it. She had no desire at all to hurt her husband and wondered if he truly was handling this as well as he showed.

After she initially got involved with Jesse at the beginning of the week she drew a line in the sand within her head. She was so afraid that Mike would never accept the unconventional relationship she was developing with their daughter that she treated him meaner than she normally would in the game. She looked back on the week and genuinely felt sorry for some of the things she had made him go through. Worst of all had been her overwhelmingly harsh reaction to his attempt at using the safe word in their game. Never before had he used it and Jenny was so hoping he wouldn’t this time either. When he did she struck out in rage because she knew she would not give up her daughter’s love at this point. The two of them bonded so quickly sexually it was like they were part of the same mind. She made a mental note to talk to Mike about that tonight when she got home and try and explain what she was feeling when she did that.

There of course was another dilemma in her head and one that she had no answer for. How to deal with the realization that she was no longer in love with the man she had spent the last twenty something years with. She knew she still loved him and that he would always have a piece of her heart but she also knew that there was no passion there.

There hadn’t been any for a very long time and that might have been what led her to ask him if he missed playing the game. She knew in her heart that if bursa eskort they started again she could have some of that passion again, some of that excitement that was no longer a part of her life. She believed that if she asked Mike and he was honest he would say the same thing. They had grown into a marriage of convenience and even though they still remained best friends on so many levels the desire and passion that maintains relationships was not there. She wondered if it was going to be possible to keep them together, if loving someone but not being in love with them was enough.

She didn’t want to talk to Mike about this, not yet. Because she loved him she hated the thought of him hurting. Not hurting like he did when they played because she knew he fed into that. No she was afraid of hurting him in his soul, she knew that if she ever left that would happen. Not to mention the fact that Jesse had already committed herself to going where ever she led. She knew that losing his wife and his daughter would not only hurt him it could destroy him.

She felt herself crying, not overly sobbing just tears running down her cheeks. She didn’t know exactly why but it kind of felt like something that she had always had was gone. She was sad inside right now and for the first time all week wondered how starting this new version of the game was going to affect their lives. When she first thought of this earlier in the week before she had taken her daughter on as her lover she never envisioned falling in love with someone else. Now though she had and falling for her opened her eyes to her diminished love for Mike.

She knew in every ounce of her being that the girl laying next to her had her heart, she was totally in love with her. All of the passion and desire that were missing in her marriage could be found in Jesse. Some people might believe that falling in love with someone within five days of being involved with them is nuts. They might even be right if it was two strangers who had just met. This however was far from two strangers it was two people who had known each other for eighteen years. So once the intimate nature of their relationship developed it leapt right into their hearts.

When she started thinking about her relationship with her daughter she found the sadness passing. She found comfort in the idea that for the first time in a very, very long time she felt the exuberance of being newly in love again. She would weather the storm of her feelings for Mike but Jesse was her umbrella. Her feelings for her daughter would carry her through it all even if tragically her and Mike didn’t come out of this together.

She saw her little girl start to stir, maybe psychically she knew that her mom was awake. She saw her beautiful eyelids start to flutter and her lips start smacking together. Sure signs that she was waking up. Jesse looked at her mom and started to say something but Jenny stopped her.

She wanted Jesse to do something nice for their guest, to wake her in a memorable way. She put her mouth next to Jesse’s ear and whispered to her, ” Good morning lover, sleep well?”

Jesse nodded her head and smiled stretching like a kitten as she came awake. She looked to her other side and smiled seeing Stacie laying there naked and exposed. How lucky am I she thought to herself, waking up in the middle of these two beautiful women. She leaned into her mother and kissed her passionately using her tongue to show her mother her love.

While she was kissing her mother her hands were roaming, rubbing her moms nipples. Pulling them and pinching them lightly. These two women had basically fucked her senseless the night before and now that she had recovered she wanted to repay the favor. They had tag teamed her switching the strap-on back and forth making her cum over and over till she had passed out.

She pushed her mother onto her back and moved her mouth down, stopping at her neck first. She sucked her neck as if she was feeding off of it, she knew she was going to leave marks but didn’t care. She was marking her territory, her bitch. Her mother was her lover and they belonged to each other. They probably would share a lot of different partners because their sexual appetites were almost insatiable but when it came down to it they belonged to each other.

Even though Stacie was on her other side she hungered for her mother’s body first. So she nibbled her neck and then kissed her way to each of her petite breasts. Her mom had small tits but they fit her body perfectly. Each one was a delectable tear shape capped by a large dark nipple. Those nipples were ultra sensitive too, she could probably make her mom cum if she spent enough time nursing on them. Jenny had even admitted to her the other day that when she breast fed as a baby she would have orgasms almost every time. It was almost as if fate was telling her that one day she would have even more orgasms at the same mouth.

She sucked those nipples into her mouth bursa bayan escort one at a time, switching back and forth. She pulled and sucked each one until Jenny started to moan. At the same time Jesse’s fingers were not idle, they had made their way down to her mom’s shaven pussy. She sucked the nipples and slowly inserted one finger into her mother’s wet pussy. She was just teasing her now, the same way Jenny had teased her all day yesterday with that amazing vibrating egg.

The sound of Jenny moaning had made its way through Stacie’s subconscious and woken her up too. She had been having wild dreams all night of sexual escapades involving men and women including her own daughter Cheryl. So she was already wet when she woke up and she was already wound up and turned on.

She opened her eyes and was greeted by the most perverse morning vision she could imagine. Next to her in the bed was Jesse Andrews finger fucking her mom while sucking her tits. It was so incredibly dirty, perverse and erotic that she felt her own hand reaching out to touch Jesse. She took her hand and let her fingers graze over the girls still swollen pussy lips.

God they had really wrecked this girl’s cunt last night, fucking her over and over. Stacie had been so into fucking this young girl, it was the single most exciting thing she had ever done sexually. Even all the excitement she had gotten from fucking Tony had paled in comparison to seeing this young girl spasm and cum on the end of her big fake cock. She felt so in control, she had this girl’s hips in her hands and was ramming the cock into her wide open cunt.

“Ooo.. Good morning Mrs. Romano, you see something you like there?” Jesse cooed to her newest lover taking her mouth off her mother’s tit briefly.

“Ummm such a wonderful way to wake up, I wish I could do this everyday. Yes baby I do see something I like, something that looks like it would make a very nice breakfast.” Stacie said playfully.

“I think I know a way that waking up like this would be even better for you darling!” Jenny said in a throaty growl.

“Hmmm what would that be, this seems pretty damn perfect right now.”

“Wellll… I think it would be better for you if those fingers of yours were actually stroking Cheryl’s pussy lips, or maybe I’m wrong.”

“Good god woman how did I have you as a friend and neighbor all these years and not realize how perverted you really are! I guess if I am being honest yeah that would be better, but that’s just a fantasy.”

“Sooo if I was to set it up to have you watch me fuck her like you asked, would you back out?” Jenny purred in reaction to Jesse’s continued manipulation of her pussy.

“Jenny Andrews are you telling me that you have molested my little girl. Did you stick your fingers in her cunt like this?” Stacie asked as she slid two fingers into Jesse’s pussy.

“No, no, I haven’t touched that sweet body of hers, not like you are touching my daughter. Are you enjoying her again this morning Stacie, are you liking the feel of my daughter on your fingers?”

“Oh god yes Jenny, she is so wet and warm and last night I found out how juicy and tasty this pussy is!”

“Baby put your mouth on mommy’s pussy, I want you to suck me and let Stacie watch you. Stacie you keep playing with her pussy for now but don’t make her cum yet.”

Jesse moved her mouth down off her mother’s tits and dove in between her legs. She attacked her mother’s inflamed vagina. She licked her up and down sliding her tongue in and out. She sucked her lips and nibbled each one.

Jenny pulled Jesse’s head into her cunt and started face fucking her, it wasn’t going to take much for her to cum Jesse had already gotten her worked up pretty good with her foreplay.

It only took about five minutes before she was pulling her head even tighter into her cunt and started moaning, “Ohhh Yesss baby! Ohhhh you know just how to eat me lover!! Ohhhhhh…yyesssss!! Cum, cum, cumming!! Oh! OH! OH!”

Jesse was always pleased to make her mother cum, her face got so intense when she did. She loved the intensity and urgency that her mother brought into every orgasm she had. It made her warm inside that she could give this beautiful woman such uninhibited pleasure!

“Hmmm I think you liked that mommy, I know I love the taste of you and I know I love you!”

“Ohhh baby I love you too, so much! You make my kitty purr so nicely every time you do that!” Jenny said as she got up and started to put the harness back on.

She saw her mother stepping into the harness and had to tell her, “Mom? I don’t think my poor little pussy can take that right now, I’m really kind of sore! You guys almost killed me last night I think it needs some recovery time.”

“Oh don’t you worry baby this time it’s for our new friend, I think Stacie would appreciate a nice cock right about now. Wouldn’t you Stacie, how about a nice hard morning fuck baby?”

“Oh bursa ucuz escort Jesus Jenny that fucking thing is huge, I never had anything that big inside me!” Stacie moaned.

“Well sweetie if it was good enough for my Jesse last night I guess you are going to have to stretch a bit!” she said wickedly as she moved towards Stacie.

“Get up on your knees and get ready to be fucked sweetie! I want you to bury that beautiful face in Jesse’s pussy while I fuck you too!”

Jenny walked over to her daughter and whispered something in her ear that Stacie couldn’t hear. She was a little nervous about taking that much cock even if it was fake. Jesse could see that Stacie was nervous so she stroked the side of her face as she directed it towards her waiting pussy.

“Don’t worry Stacie my mom will make sure you enjoy it. She will have you screaming in no time. Don’t you want her to fuck you?”

“Yes baby I do, I really want this. I want to be partners with the two of you in everything. Last night was the greatest sex of my life and I don’t want to give that up!”

Jenny moved into position and felt her pussy, god she was dripping. She might be nervous but her pussy wanted this cock badly. She stroked the head of the cock up and down the visibly open slit of this beautiful woman. Then she started to slide in, she was oh so tempted to shove the whole thing in like Stacie had done to her daughter but she didn’t. Stacie had only done what she thought Jenny wanted, fucking Jesse hard.

Stacie was not aware that Jenny had slipped Jesse something and told her to use it when Stacie was Just about to cum. It was going to be a sweet surprise for this horny housewife, something that would hopefully double the intensity of her orgasm. Of course it could backfire too but Jenny doubted it would not after their night together.

“Ooooo Jenny, please go slow…OOOO yeah! Ooooo Baby! It’s filling me soooo much!! Ohhhhh…Ohhhhhh!!”

Then Jesse reached up and gently guided Stacie’s mouth to her pussy. She looked into Stacie’s eyes and said softly in her little girl voice, “Stacie, eat me please, eat my teenage pussy. I need that tongue in there, it’s so sore and I know you can make it better.”

Stacie was filled with lust, she wanted to devour this young girl. She wanted her hips fucking her face as she came. She wanted to do all this but the pleasure from the huge cock filling her was sooooo distracting!!

“Ooooo God!! Jenny!! Fuck that thing into me!! OOOoooooo… OH Yes!!”

Slowly Jenny slid that cock into her new playmate, into Stacie their new playmate. She slid it in inch by inch watching Stacie’s pussy stretching to take the 12 inches of plastic. She loved the way her pussy lips grabbed that cock as it slid in, they were molded to the cock. She had eight inches in and then sank the rest with one final push!

OOOOooooooo, Christ!! F-F-Fucckkkk…It’s all in!! I have it all in my fucking pussy!!…Oh Yes all your cock in me!! Fuck me, make me your fucking slut!! Own me Jenny, you and Jesse… I want to be both your sluts!! FFUUCCCKKK MEEEEEE!!

Jesse looked down and this time not so gently grabbed Stacie’s head and pulled her face into her cunt. She wasn’t quiet this time, “Ok slut suck me, suck my fucking cunt!! Be my slut Mrs. Romano!! Be my fucking slut and suck me!! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!!”

“Hmppphh…Hmmppphhhh…Hmmpphhh,” Stacie moaned into Jesse’s delicious pussy. She could feel herself about to cum, she was fucking herself back onto the cock violently now. It was sliding in and out of her like she’d been taking big cocks all her life.

Jesse could see Stacie’s face, she could see her eyes start to roll in the back of her head. She knew that Stacie was about to have a great orgasm but it was time to make it even better. She pulled up the phone and got Stacie’s attention.

“Mrs. Romano, look baby look at me, Ohhhh god!! Keep sucking me Stacie!! Please now look right fucking now!!”

Stacie was so close, she always lost focus when she orgasmed, she kept sucking the cunt in her mouth though. It was so tasty she just kept licking and sucking, drinking all the excess juice form this beautiful girl. She could hear Jesse imploring her to look up and she tried to focus. She looked up and it took her a second to realize what she was seeing but when she did she exploded! Her eyes bugged out and she rammed her ass back against the invading cock and just ground herself on Jenny’s crotch. All of this because there she was… There was HER baby…naked and on Jenny’s cell phone. Her pussy was shave and her tit’s looked so fucking beautiful!

She wrenched her mouth off Jesse’s pussy and wailed, “OOOOOO MYYYY GOODDDDD!! CHERYL!! THAT”S MY FUCKING CHERYL!! CUMMINNNGGG!!”

Jesse grabbed her head back down and forced her face into her cunt again. She fucked Stacie’s face violently needing to cum, needing to give this woman her reward.


With that Jesse flooded Stacie’s mouth with her cum again. This time Stacie was determined to swallow as much as she could. She drank down Jesse’s juice like it was champagne, savoring every drop and wanting more.

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