Life with: Natasha and Bobby Ep. 09


Natasha sat up a little in bed and turned to check on Isaac. The barrier she’d put up around him remained intact, but he wasn’t on the bed. Natasha got up abruptly. She looked around for two seconds and tried to calm herself down. It was a natural reaction to grow panicked when she didn’t know where he was, but she didn’t want to offend anyone by acting as if she were in the company of strangers.

She jumped out of bed and slipped on her robe. She and Bobby were in the smaller guest room so their bathroom was in the hallway. The door was cracked and she could see Bobby’s shirtless frame in the mirror’s reflection. She was confident enough to fully open it and step inside. The steam was consuming both of their frames and she knew he had just finished his shower.

“Where’s Isaac?” She asked. He spun around to face her with toothpaste foaming from his mouth. He inaudibly said Isaac was eating breakfast with his grandmother.

Natasha nodded lightly and then reached for her own toothbrush on the sink counter. They brushed their teeth together, Bobby looking over her head into the mirror. After a few minutes, they were done. Natasha washed her face with scorching water and she called for Bobby to wash his too.

She faced her husband and laid the steaming hot towel over his face. She wiped his eyes and focused the steam on his beard.

Both Bobby and Natasha loved steaming hot showers. When the water wasn’t hot enough, it had the potential to ruin their entire days and start a nasty argument over shower lengths. So, to make sure they both had an abundant supply of hot water, Bobby would shower in the mornings and Natasha would shower the night before. The system always seemed to work out well for them.

Once she was done wiping over his face, she turned to grab her shea butter from her travel bag. She rubbed the product between her hands before gliding her palms over his chest and shoulders. He growled lowly as she unintentionally massaged him. Natasha’s ministrations grew more sensual when she wiped over his soft stomach. She ran her hand over his lightly hair belly and back up his chest again. She gripped his shoulders tightly and worked her way up his neck.

Natasha sighed deeply when she looked down at his towel clad manhood. She reached between them to pull gently on the towel’s fold. It pooled at their feet.

He was somewhat erect and she was glad they were feeling the same things. She reached for his member at the same time she looked up into his eyes. As soon as she’d captured his stare, he was swallowing her breath. Their tongues were minty and cool.

She stroked him as they kissed and he engulfed her body in his arms.

She pulled away and held his hand as she led herself to her knees. The towel cushioned her joints and she was thankful; Bobby was wide awake which meant he’d make her work hard. After a long day of work, he didn’t have much strength to hold out. Although today, he might need at least 25 minutes. She wasn’t complaining though. She loved taking care of him when she got the chance.

She used her moisturized hands to gently massage his shaft. Once he was stiff and ready, she placed his tip on her tongue. She glided her mouth over his length slowly a few times to get him wet. Bobby had already begun his deep, rumbling sounds.

“Maybe this won’t take as long as I thought.” Natasha said in her head. His sounds of approval gave her the confidence to kick her gears into full throttle.

She assumed everyone had gone to the kitchen to eat breakfast so noise levels weren’t a big concern for her. She felt free to relax as if she were in her own home. Natasha sat her bottom on the heels of her feet and double fisted Bobby’s shaft. She jerked him a few times, using her spit to get smooth motions all the way through.

After a few seconds, she placed both of her hands on her husband’s thighs and took him all the way to his balls. She expertly held her gags in her throat until she was ready to release him. Then she let out a satisfied sigh as she pulled away. A trail of her own saliva linked Bobby and Natasha together until she was ready to take him in again.

“Natasha…” Bobby mumbled from above. He reached to his right and fully closed the cracked door. He secured it with a twist of the lock that sounded loudly against the tile floors and bare walls.

Natasha deep throated him a few more times before she went straight into sucking his dick. She suctioned the air out of her mouth to cover as much of Bobby’s dick as she could. Her head motions were even and circular—just as she knew he liked. Bobby encouraged her with nasty words of approval.

“You’re sucking my dick in my grandmother’s house?” He whispered over Natasha as he fought release. She replied with a loud slurping sound. “So fucking nasty.” He praised.

Natasha brought her hands back in and placed them at his base. She stroked him with confidence and purpose. She lifted his dick up toward his stomach to access his smooth balls. He Betturkey kept them trimmed neatly because he knew she loved to suck on them.

Natasha stuck her tongue out to lead his left ball into her mouth. Bobby withered above her and she knew he was close. Suddenly, she yanked her off her knees by her elbow and twisted her hips toward the sink counter. Natasha yelped out in surprise but willingly let him lead her where he wanted.

He pressed his hand into her upper back and she roughly put her hands out to support her fall. Bobby lifted the material of her nightgown up over her bottom and before Natasha had the chance to turn around, his hot, strong tongue was lashing at her asshole. Bobby was relentless in licking her puckered opening and Natasha let out a husky moan.

She pushed her bottom into his mouth and tried to subdue the ache in her loins. Bobby stood back to his full height and led his tip into her dripping wet pussy.

With the pent-up aggression of 20 minutes of dick sucking with no release, he pumped her roughly. Natasha had to grip the sides of the counter firmly top stop herself from flying forward because of his thrusts. Her breasts leaped frontward and crashed back onto her chest.

She had a perfect view of their reflections in the mirror ahead. Bobby’s head was adjacent to the ceiling as he continued fucking her. Natasha could see the veins in his biceps from gripping her hips with an unimaginable strength. The strap of her gown was falling off her shoulder and her pert nipple began to show. She loved the way they looked pressed together firmly between her arms. They were heavy with milk and very sensitive.

Bobby sporadically spun Natasha around and lifted her up onto the counter by her waist. She sat back against the mirror and spread her legs wide for her husband. Bobby took his place between her legs and reached below her. He gripped her upper back to help guide her breasts toward his salivating mouth. He continued fucking her.

Natasha reached around toward her clit and used her juices to fiercely rub it. She could feel herself reaching the brink of explosion.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Natasha groaned as she began her ascension into some other dimension. Natasha’s eyes shut tight. She unconsciously reached a hand out against Bobby’s pelvis, as if to stop him. But he swatted her hand away and pummeled her even harder than before. That elicited a very loud screech from Natasha.

“I know, baby.” Bobby cooed, trying to encourage her to be a little bit quieter. Bobby hunched himself over her body as he came and punched into her three deep, rough times before joining her in release.


“Good morning mommy’s baby.” Natasha classically greeted Isaac as she came down the steps. He was sitting in his booster seat at the table in the kitchen. Elizabeth, Aaron, William and Hector were sitting around the table too.

“Good morning everyone.” Natasha waved as she entered the room. The family replied simultaneously. Gina rounded the corner from out of the kitchen with a ninja turtles plate in hand. It had eggs, cut up toast and fruit left from the barbeque the day before.

“Nice of you to join us.” Gina said with an expression of light disgust. Natasha rolled her eyes to herself. Bobby was still getting dressed and was likely to come downstairs at any moment. Gina dumped Isaac’s food on the highchair’s table and Natasha let out a sound of disapproval.

“He uses plates and utensils. His Elmo bag has the forks.” Natasha said, holding Isaac’s hands away from the food as she looked around the room for his bag.

“For what? He’s a baby, Natasha.” Gina replied in an annoyed tone. Natasha fought her tongue. She wasn’t a timid woman and she wasn’t used to thinking twice over her words. The corner of her mouth twitched.

“I don’t care. He uses plates and utensils. It builds his dexterity and he eats slower.” Natasha removed the highchair table entirely after realizing Gina would not be helping her find the bag. Isaac immediately began to whine.

“You’ve never had a child before. I’m telling you, as a mother who raised 4 kids, Isaac is better off using his hands.”

“I appreciate that. But Isaac is my son and I’m telling you, as * his * mother that I want him to use utensils and plates.” Natasha placed the highchair table on the dining room table to stare Gina right in the face.

“He gets more food in his mouth using his ha—”

“Gina, I am his mother. I raise him. I’m telling you what I want done with my son. And I expect you to do as I say.”

“You expect me to do as you say?” Of course, Gina repeated it with a lot more malice than Natasha had originally said it with. “I raised the man you married and you’re talking to me as if I don’t know what I’m doing? Obviously, I did something right if you married him.”

“When I met Bobby, he had no idea how to boil a pot of water or use a knife and fork at the same time. So that was a terrible example and beside the point. Betturkey Giriş Isaac will use utensils and plates because I said so.”

“Bobby!” Elizabeth called him from upstairs. “Get down here!”

“How dare you? You come here—doing God knows what with my grandson until 11am in the morning, in my own home and have the nerve to disrespect me? Get the hell out, Natasha. You have been a pain since you got here—Get out!”

“I will gladly leave. But I hope you don’t for a second think Isaac will be staying here without me. If you ever see him again, I will never be far. You can think whatever you want about me but you need to learn to respect me.”

“You have never given me a reason to do anything of the sort.”

Natasha had opened her mouth to speak again.

“Natasha!” Bobby’s bass shook the room. It was like the pack lion had made his presence known. The room had stood still. “Not another word. Do you understand me?” Natasha took a deep, resounding breath as Gina gave her a sinister expression. She already knew Natasha would be the only one taking the heat for this argument.

But Natasha was over being blamed. Bobby had done enough of blaming her and it was time for his grandmother to start being reprimanded too.

“Come upstairs.” He commanded. Natasha hoisted Isaac up her hip and turned to face the staircase. “Leave him down here.”

Elizabeth appeared on her left with her hands outstretched. Natasha handed him over; Bobby always hated arguing in front of him, even as a baby.

Natasha strolled past Bobby to lead the way up the stairs. She passed the bathroom where she’d just had a beautiful moment with her husband just an hour before. Now, they were about the have the worst argument of their marriage.

Bobby left the door open and immediately sat on the edge of the bed. He was silent for a few seconds.

“What the hell is going on with you?” He asked. Natasha opened her mouth to immediately start yelling, but decided against it. What a dumb question. Natasha could feel her blood boiling by the second. She really didn’t want to engage in a shouting match with Bobby; they could both end up getting loud and nasty. She hated to be that way with him. But she truly felt like she was nearing her threshold of tolerance with his negligence.

“Nothing is wrong with me.” She said tightly. “I’ve let your grandmother take petty jabs at me for damn near 5 years. When I even attempt to defend myself, you chew me out and take her side every—” Bobby stood up and approached her.

“You know that isn’t true. I address you both.”

“No you don’t!” She had started yelling. Bobby raised his eyebrow.

“Watch yourself.” He spoke steadily.

She swallowed. Her next sentence began softer. “How can you say that? She can never do anything wrong in your eyes. I understand you love her and I would never want to make you choose between us.”

She opened her mouth and found the words got stuck in her throat just as her eyes began to well up. She shifted on her feet, looked fleetingly at the wall beside them and tried again. “Bobby, I am your wife—the mother of your son. I deserve to be defended too.”

“Stop crying. You will not try to make me feel like I let her say whatever she wants to you because I don’t.” Natasha stood motionless, trying to decipher what exactly that meant for her.

She could not endure any more of Gina. The thought of Isaac witnessing his mother be disrespected as he got older made Natasha’s stomach churn. She couldn’t imagine what kind of message that would send to him about her self-esteem and his father’s ability to let it continue. Natasha was too self-righteous for any of this.

“Your attitude was ridiculous downstairs. I can’t believe either one of you would talk to each other that way—”

“So why am I the only one here!” She was yelling but at this point she didn’t care. “Why would you call me up here by myself if we are both wrong, Bobby?!” Bobby quickly rushed to shut the bedroom door. It sounded as if it had been slammed. She could see his anger with her rising

“You are my wife.” He wasn’t screaming, but he might as well have been. “I expect you to try and keep the peace for my sake.”

“What the hell have I been doing these past 5 years!? I haven’t cursed her out! I haven’t slashed her tires! I’m here with you! Smiling and pretending she isn’t acting like a damn teenager!” Natasha and Bobby were face to face now. “I have a JD from Georgetown University and she still makes it clear she sees me as the whore you happened to marry. You let her talk about me like that because you know that is all she’s thought of me since the day we met.”

“You need to learn to defend yourself without the attitude.” Natasha’s fury threatened to transform into sobs of hopelessness. Did Bobby love his grandmother that much more than he loved her?

She stomped her foot in frustration before pacing the room. “Baby,” She begged in a whisper. “Do you not see how she treats me? How are you saying this?”

“Natasha,” He started.

“I’m leaving with Isaac.” She whispered. His demeanor changed completely. The thought of taking his son had ticked a nerve. He approached her sturdily. He looked downward at her and a small smirk pulled at the corners of his mouth. His grey eyes gleamed as he looked over her face—she looked so beautiful when she was upset.

Bobby lifted his thumb to flick away her tear.

“Absolutely not.” He murmured in reply. Natasha’s nostrils flared in response. Just when she was about to protest, he replied. “We are going to figure this out.”

“We will figure it out at home. But I’m leaving.” Natasha turned to start packing her and Isaac’s things. Her mind was racing about how she’d get back to Rhode Island. She needed a rental car. She also needed to get to the rental place—

Bobby reached for her wrist and Natasha snatched away with a menacing stare.

Gripping and grabbing at her was permissible in any other circumstance. She loved it in bed, during a petty argument or any other less serious situation. However, it wasn’t appropriate now.

“Don’t do that.” She warned. “I’m really leaving.” That was when Bobby knew this situation was more than he’d estimated..

“Then I’m leaving too.” He said it simply and turned to start packing things with her.

“I don’t need her thinking I’m trying to steal you away from her. Just stay here.” Natasha said.

“I need to fix this. Whatever it is—it’s important to you and you are important to me. So, I am going with you.” Natasha stopped packing to take a deep, relieved breath. She was so happy to hear him say that. He was willing to listen even if he didn’t see what she did. She went back to packing.

Bobby followed Natasha down the steps while carrying their bags. Gina heard a suitcase coming down the wooden staircase and quickly shuffled out of the kitchen to see what was going on. Her expression was mortified.

“You’re leaving, Bobby?” She sounded like a little kid. William, Hector, Elizabeth, Aaron and Bobby’s grandfather were all still at the table. Their expressions made it clear that they had heard everything. Natasha walked toward Isaac to see that Gina had indeed let him eat with his hands and no plate. His clothes were soiled and his face was covered in food. Natasha grabbed a napkin off the table and began wiping him down.

“Natasha wants to leave with Isaac and I am going with her.” Bobby said it plainly.

“Well, I told her to leave but I didn’t want you or Izey to go.” She was damn near groveling. Natasha looked to Elizabeth to see her roll her eyes at Gina’s reply. Natasha smiled at her.

“You don’t tell Natasha to leave.” If Natasha had ever needed confirmation that Bobby standing up to his grandmother was a rarity, everyone’s reaction to that sentence was it. Natasha herself turned to see Gina’s reaction and it was well worth the sight.

Everyone was completely silent. Bobby even noticed the shift in environment.

“She was being disrespectful, Bobby.” She tried to convince him. She talked about her as if she were a misbehaving child. Natasha took a calming breath. “What, did she turn you against me?” Gina turned around and began roaring in Natasha’s direction. “Bobby, I do not like who she is becoming! Her mouth is absolutely nasty—I don’t feel bad for refusing to tolerate it!

“You’re talking to me. Don’t look at her.” Bobby was stern and Natasha could feel the goosebumps forming on the back of her neck. Isaac fell into her chest as the food he ate began to settle in his system. Natasha rubbed his back lightly and tried to focus on Bobby’s words. For the sake of everyone, she worked hard to subdue her smile.

“You tried to humiliate her—commenting on our sex lives in front of everyone as if she were a prostitute. She is Isaac’s mother. And you are not. If she wants something done with him, you need to listen.” Gina pursed her lips as she tried to deal with Bobby’s new tone.

“Since when do you talk to me like this?” She whispered fiercely. She feigned authority.

“It should’ve happened a long time ago. I apologize to my wife for that.”

“Well I don’t understand why you need to leave early. I will stay out of your way.”

“Natasha and I have things we need to work out at home. We can’t be here.”

“We understand.” Elizabeth replied. She stood to put her hands around her grandmother’s shoulders. “We hate to see you and Natasha leave so soon but we understand. Natasha needs you and we love her so we will let you go.” Gina looked away from Bobby. Bobby’s heart clenched in his chest. She looked so deflated but he knew he was doing the right thing. He had to completely stand with Natasha this time.

“Grandma, you won’t be seeing me or Isaac again until you can learn to respect my wife. No one else has a problem with her except you. She is one of the sweetest women on Earth. She continuously deals with you so that I can have a good time and Isaac and I can be with my family. But I won’t allow her to sacrifice her sanity for me anymore.” She refused to make eye contact with him. Bobby leaned in to place a kiss on her forehead.

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