Put In Her Place


Put In Her Place

She’d been a domineering sort for most of her life. She considered herself a true feminist and would never take a backseat to any man. Not that she didn’t like men. Oh, she liked them all right, and there was no shortage of suitors until they got too close. She made sure that no one could ever accuse her of letting a man control her. She made so sure of it, that she ended up scaring off any likely prospect she encountered.

She’d been a cop for over 20 years. The prettiest cop anyone in her town had ever seen when she began her career. She was still a knockout. She had long, straight black hair. There were a few marks on her face from some scrapes she’d gotten into when she was a young officer. Nothing that put anyone off. It added character to her face. Her body was the main attraction. She was tall, with wide shoulders and a figure that made men stop and take a second look wherever she went. Her skin was light and she liked to wear revealing silk tops with loose, full skirts. They were comfortable and she liked the way they felt. She also liked the furtive attempts men, even the big chief himself, made to get a look at her breasts. She was justifiably proud of those assets. They were large and natural. They hung, but didn’t sag. Her hips swelled outward and then narrowed back down to her lovely long legs which she spotlighted with 4 inch heels. She had a real woman’s ass. Not one of the boy looking asses you see on the movie stars. It looked soft, yet firm. That body had caused her a lot of difficulty early in her career. She’d had to put up with the jokes from the old hands for a short time, but they stopped when she sued the now former chief for sexual harassment. Then they were all afraid of her.

She had dates, but nothing long term. It was always a struggle for her dates to overcome her stature as a deputy chief in her department and/or get past her “pushy bitch” persona. She got laid once in a while, but nothing steady and she always felt that something was missing in her life. Professional success just wasn’t enough. Here she was 45 years old and she had no one. She’d begun to wonder if she ever would have someone to spend her life with.

It was the end of the workday and she was sitting at her desk contemplating whether to go on home and fix a meal for one, or go out and eat alone in a restaurant. Either way, it wasn’t a pleasant prospect. Dan, her most recently assigned aide walked into the office and asked her about something she didn’t want to be bothered with right then. She hated the fact that he always just walked in and began talking to her. He didn’t knock and wait for her to acknowledge him before entering. Why wouldn’t he act the way all the others did? He was only a Sergeant and she was a Chief. That should be enough of an intimidation factor even if you didn’t know her reputation as a man eater. What was he saying? She hadn’t been paying any attention to his words. She had to admit she was distracted. She looked at him standing there in his uniform. He was a very attractive man. She guessed he was a bit older than she. He had reddish brown hair, broad shoulders, and a few freckles left over from when he was a boy. It gave him a bit of a boyish look even now. He worked out regularly and his physique showed it. He wasn’t one of those faggot looking body builders, just a man in good shape.

“June, where do you want these personnel actions? Or, do you want me to forge your signature?” he asked.

That was another thing she didn’t get. He was always informal with her unless there were subordinates present. He always called her by her first name. Sure, they’d known each other professionally for years, but he made her uncomfortable with the informality with which he treated her. She hated to tell him to treat her differently. She’d really come off as a self-important bitch then.

“Let’s just leave them ’til tomorrow. I don’t want to deal with them now.”

“OK, I just wanted to get them out of the way before I leave. You remember I won’t be back for a week, don’t you? I won’t be here tomorrow.”

“Damn, I just can’t get out of here can I?” she said hatefully.

He just looked at her with his piercing blue eyes. He didn’t respond at all.

“Well, let’s get it over with, then. I don’t know why the hell you had to bring them in now. Why couldn’t you have taken care of these earlier in the day?” she asked.

“June, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m bringing them to you because it’s my job. If you don’t think I’m doing it to your satisfaction, you can transfer me any time. I just got these on my desk a few minutes ago. What do you want me to do, tell the Chief he isn’t working fast enough for me? He had to OK this stuff before you could sign off on it. My God, all you have to do is sign your name.”

“Hey, you don’t talk to me that way. Do you know who you’re messing with?”

“Yep, ümraniye escort right now I seem to be dealing with a spoiled brat. What the hell has gotten into you?”

She jumped up from her seat and ran around the desk toward him as if to grab him. He just stood there calmly looking her in the eye and waiting. She tried the old tactic she used on all the guys who tried to stand up to her. She got right in his face and began loudly making her point.

“Listen, Sergeant–” she said sarcastically.


“You won’t speak to me that way. I won’t have it. I’ll have your ass back on a beat before you can figure out what happened.”

“OK, fine with me.”

“You insolent son of a bitch,” she said venomously.

“You’re getting out of hand. You’d better calm down” he told her quietly.

“Don’t tell me to calm down. I may just fire your ass.”

He thought about that for a second. He didn’t know why she went off half cocked on him. They usually got along pretty well. But, he was not pleased with the treatment she was dishing out now. He quickly assessed his options. He’d been working in the same place for 25 years. Retirement was something he’d been considering a lot lately. Nope, he wouldn’t take this kind of shit from anyone. This hateful cunt isn’t going to insult me and get away with it, he thought.He glared coldly at her.

“Really? That may just be the best offer I’ve had all day,” he responded.

She missed the significance of the glare that accompanied his response.

That really pisses me off. He just won’t react. He should have tucked his tail between his legs and run out of here, but he’s challenging me. I don’t really want to, but it looks like I’ll have to fire him, just to save face.

“OK, that’s it. Leave now. You won’t need to come back. You’re fired,” she said.

“That’s a big mistake,” he said in a near whisper.

“No mistake. You just talked yourself out of a job, smart ass.”

She had returned to her position of control behind her large oak desk and was standing there with both hands on the desk leaning over it’s top when he moved toward her. She was confused. He was supposed to be leaving. She’d ordered him out. What the hell was wrong with this guy?

“I said get your ass out of here. Now GO!” she shouted.

He assessed his situation again. It was late. All the other administrative types have left the office. We are probably the only ones here now. He was already fired. What did he have to lose? He continued around the corner of the desk toward her.

“Don’t come any closer. I’ll knock the shit out of you,” she screeched while trying to open a drawer. Where was that damn gun? She was beginning to get frightened.

He knew what she was reaching for. He had his on his hip, but had no intention of going there. He reached out and grabbed both of her wrists and dragged her from behind the desk. She struggled mightily, but couldn’t break his vise like hold on her wrists. She continued to scream at him to get out and take his hands off her. He only smiled a very unnerving smile. He pulled her to a coffee table near one wall and grabbed her around the waist from behind. She used her, now free, hands to hit him over her shoulders with little effect.

“You’re acting like such a little brat. Maybe you need to be treated like one,” he said.

“You bastard. I’m going to have you jailed for laying your hands on me. You’d better let me go before you make it worse for yourself,” she demanded.

He sat down on the coffee table and took her with him. She ended up falling across his knees. She was flailing away and kicking her legs, trying everything she could to get away from him. He pushed her head down toward the floor and raised her full skirt up throwing it over her head. Surprise! She wasn’t wearing panty hose. She had on a garter belt and hose.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

“Giving you what you’ve obviously been needing for a long time. You’re going to get a spanking little girl.”

“NO! Don’t you dare,” she said desperately.

“Too late,” he said with a low, satisfied chuckle.

He looked at her exposed undergarments and decided to pull her panties down for the most effect. He held her head down with one hand and tried to pull her panties down with the other. He couldn’t move them because they were under the garter belt. Screw it, he thought. He’d just take them the hard way. He grabbed the crotch of the panties and yanked downward, ripping the crotch right out of them. He flung the flap that was left up above her waist. She was still kicking and yelling at him to stop.

“I’ll have you charged with attempted rape,” she threatened.

“No, Deputy Chief June Harrison. This is not a rape, just a spanking.”

She was mortified. If she did get someone to hear her screams, how could she explain that pendik escort she couldn’t handle this guy any better than she had. She should never have let herself get carried away with her power trip. She tried to talk him out of it. “I’ll forget all about this, if you just let me go,” she pleaded.

“Nope, we’re finishing this,” he said matter of factly.

She had never been spanked in her life. Her parents hadn’t even done that. She felt the first blow on the right cheek of her ass. It startled her. She wasn’t sure what had just happened. She went back to cursing and yelling when it dawned on her that she was in the midst of her first spanking. It hurt!

He struck her evenly on both cheeks of her ass and marveled at how great it felt to slap her ass. He’d often looked admiringly at that gorgeous ass, but never really considered the possibility that he’d actually lay hands on it. As she continued to struggle, her legs scissored open and closed. He timed his next blow carefully. This time he swatted her right at the bottom of her ass cheeks and dead center while her legs were spread. He actually spanked her cunt. She wailed at that one.

“Oh my God. No. This is too much. Please don’t do this, Dan.”

He just kept up the spanking. Every now and then he’d hit the center mark and give her pussy another swat or two.

She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Here she was, a strong, powerful woman in her own office (in a police station no less) getting spanked like a naughty little girl. The spanking hurt like hell, but she began to feel something else. She had a knot in her belly. Oh, no! That couldn’t be. This couldn’t be exciting her. There was no denying that she felt degraded, humiliated, and her ass was on fire. Still, her body was responding as if she were involved in foreplay, not a spanking. Deep inside she felt the tingle she always got when she fantasized about being the captive slave girl. She’d never told anyone, not even her shrink, about those fantasies. She’d denied having any weaknesses at all for so long that she had almost made herself believe they were just dreams. As the spanking continued, she gradually began to accept the situation and the desire in her cunt took over her entire consciousness. She reveled in the new feelings she was experiencing. She wanted to tell him to quit spanking her and just fuck her, but she couldn’t form coherent speech. All she was capable of now was grunts and groans.

Maybe I’m going too far, he thought. She sounds like she’s having some kind of seizure. Is she trying to speak? To hell with it, she’s not dying and I’m not stopping until I’m done. The bitch is going to pay for threatening me.

She had completely quit screaming and was only grunting and moaning unintelligibly. She stopped kicking and struggling. She moved her ass back toward each blow and then forward. That couldn’t be. She was humping his leg. Jesus Christ! She’s trying to get herself off, he thought with surprise (and interest.)

The front of her dress, which was pressed between his leg and her cunt, was soaking wet. It wasn’t perspiration. It must have come from her cunt. She was lubricating copiously. She loved the spanking. He reached under her ass cheeks and felt her cunt. She thrust it back toward his hand as soon as she felt the slight touch. She wanted it inside her. Her cunt was wet and swollen. It was as ready for a fucking as it could get.

“Yes, please fuck me. I’ve got to have it now,” she begged.

He took two fingers and rammed them into her cunt as hard as he could and she exhaled as if she were hit in the gut. Then he pistoned his fingers in and out of her cunt rapidly. She was bucking wildly trying to keep time with his thrusts. He stopped suddenly and she gasped.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she cried.

“Why should I do what you want?”

“I’ll do anything you say. Just don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“Don’t forget what you just agreed to,” he ordered.

“Anything,” she breathlessly replied.

He resumed fucking her with his hand. He reached up inside and curled his fingers down toward her pubic bone from within. That was the spot that usually drove women wild. He made sure to rub it with each stroke. She whimpered.

“Thank you. Oh, yes. That’s the way. I want to come. I have to come. Keep it up,” she implored.

Her orgasm began with a tightness in her belly, right behind her pubic bone. It seemed to spread from there to every extremity. Her stomach fluttered and her head became fuzzy. Her cunt was the center of the universe now as the intensity kept building. She thought she might never come. She wanted it so badly. She imagined his hand was his cock. She pictured herself bent over her own desk and getting fucked by the only real man she had ever met. My God! He made her feel like a real woman for the first time in her life. When it finally bostancı escort hit, she was more than ready. She actually saw stars. The combination of feeling humiliated, the stinging of her ass, and his hand ramming into her finally sent her to a place she’d never been before.

Her ass stopped moving and her entire body began to spasm. A high pitched whine that evolved into a low growling moan fell from her lips. Each wave of the orgasm elicited the same eerie sound over and over.

When her gasps for air changed to even breathing, he changed to a slow lazy motion stirring her cunt with his fingers. Her juices were everywhere. She had lubricated so much that, as he had slammed his hand in and out of her cunt, her juices splattered all over the front of his shirt. She moaned and mewled like a little animal now. She finally regained her ability to speak.

“Oh, Dan, thank you. I’ve never had anything like that before.”

“I’ll bet you haven’t,” he said.


“Please what?”

“Please…..please hold me.”

“You’re not through yet. You’ve got work to do,” he sternly replied.

“Yes, yes! Anything you want,” was her grateful reply.

“Turn around here and suck my cock.”

She was off his lap, and on her knees before him, instantly. She loved being there. She felt safe and secure at his feet. She was subconsciously wondering at this even as she hurriedly took his cock out of his pants and made love to it. That’s what it was. She didn’t just suck it, she made love to it. It was as if she needed to repay him for the wonderful gift he had given her. She felt liberated. She didn’t have to pretend to be tough anymore. She licked the tip of his cock, which was coated in his precum. Beating her ass had certainly gotten him excited. She smiled as she wrapped her lips around the big crimson head and sucked. She maintained the suction all the way down the length of his shaft, not stopping until her lips felt his pubic hair. She held him there and marveled at the feel of it in her mouth and throat. It was hard, yet soft. She could feel the veins bulging along it’s length against her tongue. It was incredibly smooth and as she held it in her throat, she felt it twitch. She knew she turned him on and it made her proud. She slowly withdrew and twirled her tongue around the head of his cock as she removed it from her mouth. He gave a little groan as it popped out. He reached for the back of her head to put her mouth back on him, but didn’t need to. She was already going back down again. She maintained that slow rhythm for what seemed like forever. He could only think of her mouth on him and she could only think of his cock in her. They worked well together. Gradually, he began to take over control of the speed. He held her head in both of his hands and alternately pushed and pulled her mouth up and down on his cock. She put her tongue to good use at every opportunity. He moved her head faster and faster. Soon he was fucking her mouth, not getting sucked. He rammed his cock into her mouth harder and harder. She fought hard to breathe and found it difficult to stop herself from gagging when his cock found the back of her throat. Finally, it happened.

He felt it coming. His cock swelled up in her mouth and it felt like he was about to explode. The tension was unbearable. He knew the spasms were forming, but they just didn’t release. His cock continued to swell and, at last, he was there. A great gush of come spewed out the head of his cock and slammed into the back of her throat. She took it and tried to swallow it, but couldn’t get it all down before the next volley hit. She swallowed as fast as she could, but still missed a large quantity that ran down her chin and onto her silk top. Some of it ran down into the cleavage between her breasts. She licked her lips and looked up at him with adoration in her eyes. His face wore a grimace that could have been mistaken for pain. His senses slowly returned as he released his hold on her head.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“Yeah. You?”

“Oh yes. I’ve never been this OK.”

“What the hell just happened?” he said, not expecting an answer.

“I think I just found out what’s been missing in my life.”

“What’s that?”

“A real man. You. You made me feel more like a woman than I’ve ever felt in my life. I have to have more of this,” she pleaded.

“So, you aren’t firing me after all?”

“I just hired you for an entirely different job. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to make me feel like this every day,” she said hopefully.

“I accept, but I don’t think I can work here with you anymore.”

“No, that wouldn’t do. We’ll think of something. Come home with me. I want to fix your dinner, take care of you and be everything you need.”

“Let’s go, Chief.”

“Don’t call me that anymore, please?”

“OK, Babe.”

* * * * *

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