Snowy Night in the Mid West


As I pulled off the interstate, the snow had become almost blinding and was deep enough that handling the 40 ft trailer behind my 3 year old Peter Bilt was next to impossible. I finally got the semi slowed enough to locate a parking spot amidst all the other trucks and cars seeking shelter from this soon to be blizzard.

Inside, the restaurant was full of other stranded motorists and drivers. I scanned the room for an open table to plant my weary bones a while but quickly realized that there was not an open spot in the place. I decided to hit the shower room and clean up a bit, in hopes that someone might leave by the time I returned. When I came back, about a half hour later, it didn’t appear as if anyone had moved. I was thinking that my best bet would be to just place an order at the counter and take it back to the rig when I spied two ladies sitting in a booth. “Well, what the hell” I thought, “I ain’t got nothing to lose” and I certainly wasn’t ready to return to the truck just yet. I’d take a chance and ask if they minded sharing their booth with a tired driver.

These two women were not the model types, by any means Both were a little on the heavy side by most standards but that’s just the way I like them. One had coal black hair with a quick and facinating smile. The other, a redhead, was a little smaller and not as busty as her friend. I asked if I could join them since there was no other place to sit. They both smiled and said no problem. They were obviously as aware of the lack of space as I was. As I sat down I introduced myself and each of the ladies did the same. I was fascinated by their wit and ease of conversation as we spent nearly two hours talking and enjoying our meals.

I was preparing to go back to the rig for some shut eye when I ask where they were spending the night. They said that they were planning on staying at the restaurant, since there were no rooms available at the motel across the road. Since it looked like we would be there a while, I told them if they wanted to get some rest that my truck had a king size sleeper that they were welcome to use. I would have plenty of room in the co-drivers seat to sleep.

To my surprise they accepted my offer and so we set off across the snowy parking lot to my truck. Once inside, I fired the rig back up to get some heat moving and warm the place up a bit. After they had crawled into the sleeper I showed them how to operate the t.v. and mentioned the beers I had stored in the fridge. The redhead grabbed a beer for each of us and the three of us sat and talked some more, enjoying the warmth created around us by the heater and the alcohol inside us.

The dark headed woman asked if I had any movies for the VCR, since the constant bursa escort storm reports on the t.v. were getting old fast. I said, “Certainly,” and showed her were I kept the videos, but I didn’t tell her that all I had were porn flicks. When a man spends as much time on the road as I do, he learns there are times he has to take matters into his own hands. I was surprised when she began looking at the boxes and started giggling before saying “Hey, these look interesting!”

We were all laughing as she placed one of the movies in the VCR. After forwarding through the adds, the movie started with a man pumping away on a rather large lady, her enormous breasts bouncing in rhythm with each stroke. The woman was screaming and saying “Give it to me, I need more of that hard cock,” but it was obvious that he was giving her all he had. At that point another woman walks into the picture, pretending to be the man’s wife. After her initial shock, the wife begins undressing and goes to the bed to join in the fun the couple are having. I found it hard to focus on the screen as I was much more interested in the effect the movie was having on the two women in my sleeper.

It was obvious that both women were breathing a little harder and I watched as their breasts moved up and down each time they took in more air. I was becoming aroused simply by the level of their excitement. As I sat in the front seat, looking over my shoulder, the brunette noticed my uncomfortable position and invited me to come into the sleeper with the them. I didn’t need a second invitation and jumped right in between these two lovely ladies.

Laying back on the pillows, the three us watched the show together. The two women on the screen began kissing and feeling each other’s boobs while the man sat on the bed enjoying the show they were giving him. I felt something on my leg and when I looked down I saw that the dark haired lady beside me had moved her hand to my thigh. She slid her hand slowly up my leg and stopped when she got a hand full of my already hardening cock. She gave it a squeeze and I jumped a little, she smiled at me as she asked if she had hurt me. I told her no but if she kept up what she was doing she would get a surprise for her trouble. It had been too long since I had been touched and the load I was carrying in my balls was almost as big as the load I was carrying in the trailer behind us.

As I focused on the pleasure happening around my thighs, I felt something soft on my cheek. I turned my head and was mouth high on an eraser sized hard nipple I looked up and the redhead was smiling at me and pushing her breast into my mouth. I was in seventh heaven now as the woman at my thigh had managed to open bursa escort bayan my jeans and was pulling them off my hips while the redhead was feeding me that wonderful breast. When my cock broke free from its confines, I felt an immediate warmth envelope me as a wonderfully hot mouth swallowed me whole.

I felt my entire seven inches sliding down her throat and noticed she never once took her eyes off me and my tittie sucking. As her tongue circled the head of my hard dick, the smile never left her face. Those dark eyes hypnotized me as the breast in my mouth was suddenly replaced by another hot mouth. The redhead moved her lips to mine and began kissing me deeply and passionately, our tongues playing with the other, me sucking hers and she sucking mine. Suddenly everything stopped, the ladies sat up and began undressing, “No fun with all these clothes on” they giggled.

I sat back and watched as each removed the other’s clothing. I can’t begin to tell you how sexy it is to watch one woman undressing another for you. These two had obviously done this before, one would remove the other’s blouse and the other would return the favor. One article of clothing at a time as I watched in complete silence, thinking how lucky I was to have found these two on such a bad night. When they got to each other’s bras, first they removed them and then they messaged the other’s breasts. The site was almost more than I could take. The sight of all that tit flesh was working on my cock like crazy and when they finally began removing their panties, well that’s when the show really got started.

The black headed one reached around and began playing with the redhead’s pussy while she was kissing on that wonderful neck. I sat back a little and began stroking my rock hard cock as they played with each other for their own pleasure as well as mine. It was then that I first noticed the wonderful breasts on the black haired goddess. Her globes were 40 Ds with nipples so long and hard, I don’t think I had ever seen a more tastey set of mouth candy on anyone and I had to get a hold of those.

I reached for each of the women, pulling them down to me. They both came willingly and the view I had was more than I had ever dreamed of. Both of them moved to my mouth as we shared kisses. Three mouths locked in wet passionate kisses. I had a breast in each hand, one so big with the nipple hard and wanting while the other hand was barely filled with the smaller breast. The contrast between the two was more that I could imagine, but I did my very best to see that each got their fair share.

The redhead was first to break the kiss as she began to move down my body, kissing lightly on bursa merkez escort my hard nipples. As I felt her lips leave mine, my mouth was quickly filled with a huge hard nipple. I began kissing, biting, sucking and kneading that wonderful melon. My black haired beauty was playing with my rock hard cock when I felt the warm sensation of a hot mouth circling my boner. I let out a moan that could have woke the dead, damn that woman could suck a cock. I reached for the pussy that was attached to the wonderful breast in my mouth and she offered no resistance as I began pulling her towards me so that I could get a taste of her sweet female nectar.

I released her breast as I pulled her to me, I wanted that dripping pussy in my mouth now and she was more than willing to oblige me. In an instant she was straddling my head and slowly began to lower that hot wet pussy to my waiting mouth. My tongue darted out like a dog lapping at water, I needed the nectar this flower was about to provide. When my lips locked on her hot pussy she cried out, as if someone had shocked her. Perhaps I had done just that seeing as how the electricity between the three of us was so intense. My mouth locked onto her clit as I began sucking and licking her like man possessed. My tongue darted in and out of her and I was rewarded with more sweet female juices after each trip inside her love tunnel.

I hadn’t lost track of the redhead, who at this point was thoroughly enjoying herself as she sucked and licked my cock and balls. No doubt this woman was a man eater, she was good at pleasing a man and she had all the confidence she needed to do the job right I could feel my balls beginning to tighten as my orgasm was approaching. The closer I came the more I feasted on the pussy sitting on my face, causing her to moan and move her ass so that my mouth was exactly where she wanted it. I was having trouble breathing between my near cumming and that pussy pressing down tighter on my mouth, but I wasn’t about to stop any of it now.

Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and I knew the time was near. I began devouring that sweet cunt on my mouth, wanting her to blow at the same time. I would have screamed when I exploded into the redheads mouth, had I been able to breath, but all I could do was latch down on the clit in my mouth. My efforts were rewarded with a scream and a gush of hot cum from the pussy on my face. As she wiggled her ass all over my face I was able to get a breath just before she came back down on me for her final thrust. The red haired beauty on my cock was sucking me dry and swallowing every drop of my cum.

When I finally had the strength to move the lady from my face, the redhead came up and began licking her accomplice’s juices from my face. I’m sure I looked like a glazed doughnut but I was also sure that I was a smiling doughnut. She kissed me deeply and I tasted the combined juices in her mouth. I was totally drained but knew that this was only the end of round one and that there was surely more to cum.

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